Ein Augenblick in der Ferne

Site-specific video installation by: Duygu Atçeken & Julián Pérez

A temporary video installation for the public space, designed to reach people and participative environments around the world. It focuses the attention on visual narratives represented by the community. A local perspective meant to achieve recognition and a closer approach to the neighborhood’s life, from the inside to the outside.

In 2012, the project was first realized in a residential district of Weimar, Germany. Families, shop owners, workers, and neighbors in general, were invited to be photographed inside a small gallery. In 2016, we got involved together with a small neighbor community, located in the Karl-Kunger-Str., Berlin.


During the photo shoot, guests were asked to share significant events in the neighborhood. They talked about their history and involvement in the neighborhood and the community, addressing topics like cultural diversity and social participation. Each portrait was composed of a sequence of various photographs that were later arranged in a loop. The gallery windows were turned into projection screens so that the animated pictures could be seen from the inside to the outside.


Currently, we are developing the upcoming versions of ‘ein Augenblick in der Ferne’ in an elsewhere neighborhood. Our goal is to bring this project into small communities to highlight a brief moment of their lives. And then, openly share it with whoever wants to take a closer look. It’s our intention to create dialogues and build a playful experience within the public space.


Exhibited at weARTgalerie, Weimar, 2014

Exhibited at 4. Alt Treptower Baumscheibenfest, Berlin, 2016



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